Us @ We Theory

We Theory is a music/video curation project est. in 2012 by a grade school teacher (Prof. Rob) and a physician/engineer (Dr. Victor). The goal: to archive, share and DJ all genres and time periods, largely from the early to mid-20th century (i.e. World, Jazz, Soul, Rock and Nostalgic Americana) up to today (i.e. Pop, Indie/Alt-Rock, Electronic Music, Hip Hop and R&B).

The name suggests that the approach is collaborative; "We Theory" adapts to fit moods and themes by combining an eclectic mix of new hits and hidden gems.

Our Project: WeJuke.TV

We Theory's love for old/new music, throwback technology, and the original MTV led them to create the music video app called WeJuke(Dot)TV (a jukebox for music & videos). A Kickstarter launch will soon be underway to be able to make it available to the public. We will reach out to our friends and supporters once it goes live. Please send us an email ('Make Contact' below) if you are interested in learning more!


New Music Friday 2015

This is a compilation of all the new music we found and liked in 2015 organized by genre. Find it on Facebook

For Feb. 14th

Love is a common theme in music, and there are stages of love that inspire great songs. For Feb. 14th focuses on four stages of love with songs that emulate the roller coaster of emotions we feel when (1) being single (Ambivalence), (2) meeting someone new (Attraction), (3) falling in love (Affection), and (4) breaking up/letting go (Affliction). Listen on Spotify